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Data security of our Software Solutions

Data transmission and storage is fully encrypted. This allows us to protect the data against unauthorized access, even in the case of a man-in-the-middle attack.  In case of a successful attack on our database server, the data are only available in encrypted form and therefore useless for any attacker.

Access protection on the database server

Since our server park is purely machine-2-machine communication, log-in errors are also recorded in real-time by our software solution 1x1IT-Solutions DOS Protection. In this context, the IP address of the attacker is extracted and blocked in the firewall within 0.7 - 1.2 seconds. As a result, the potential attacker has only one try. After failure, this server is no longer accessible to the attacker's IP address because it is recorded on the blacklist, which is matched at every login attempt. The current revocation list can be viewed at: https://1x1it-solutions.de/PublishBlackList.xml (updating this list every 24 hours automatically)

Access protection on the XML / image memory

On this system, the same software as the database server’s runs, therefore, errors are entered by means of an IP extraction in a blocked list. In addition, our dispatcher changes the access data daily at 0:00 am automatically. The generated password consists of 16 characters including special characters, which is generated by a random number generator.