1x1 medical Science

for a better understanding of your data


database technology

As independent developers, we use the fastest and most secure database technology
  • MS-Access 
  • MySQL
or database independent in XML or text encrypted formats.

programming language

Our Windows applications are written completely in C#.

With our unique technology, we have the ability to fully encrypt, transfer and store relevant data into our database.

Due to high security risks, we do not use Java-based developments.


Encrypted data management and transmission is important. In addition, we can pair your database application with our authentication server, providing the highest security standard.



Intelligent software can help one discover and interpret the correlation of data through well-known technology. It detects errors and informs about it accordingly.

Mobile Device

Do you want to record your data with an Android device and make it available as well to your database and the corresponding evaluation?
We develop the necessary interfaces in addition to the android app, in compliance with the new privacy policy. Whether offline or online, we find a solution.


Do you need image-based procedures in your study, whether ultrasound, MRI or CT image? All common DICOM and JPG formats can be integrated into the database.

Database Query

From simple assessment to the question of how many patients take part in a study, right up to the correlation between specific medications with a group of patients or even more complex correlations. An easy-to-use interface provides you with the required result rapidly and with an export interface for further evaluation.


Good planning is the prerequisite for good software.

There are many things to consider when planning a database. We will accompany your
  ideas with our experience and integrate the outcome in an optimized solution for you.

With our individual Vision Board, we develop the basis for our work, integrating your individual needs and ideas.


Any Questions? Ask us.